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Mobile Bid Adjustments & Multi-Bidding

Mobile bid adjustments and multi bidding

What are mobile bid adjustments?

Bid adjustments allow advertisers to increase or decrease their bids for ad groups or campaigns in order to change how frequently their ads are viewed, according to where, when, and how people search. For a mobile advertiser on Aura, this means they can increase their bid based on the specific device, location, or time of day, to reach the most relevant users at the right times.

Mobile Bid Adjustments

Mobile bid adjustment formula

Raise your bids at times when you anticipate high traffic and engagement among your target audience, for instance on national holidays and weekends, when people have more time on their hands and therefore are more inclined to download and open up a new app. At times when you expect less traffic, reduce your bid. To determine the ideal percentage for both increasing and decreasing your bids, make sure to A/B test the bid’s performance.

The multi bidding strategy

A multi bidding strategy involves setting different bids for different campaigns, rather than running the same bid for all your campaigns. To find the optimal multi bidding strategy, it’s important to be as granular as possible because sources and audiences behave differently. Treating them as homogenous by bidding the same for all your campaigns will likely mean you overpay on some sources, and underpay on sources you should be bidding higher on.

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