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App Re-Engagement

App re-engagement

What is re-engagement?

App re-engagement is the process of serving ads to people who have already shown interest in your app and have expressed previous intent to engage. App re-engagement efforts are often focused on users who are most likely to convert, such as, a user who has downloaded the app and hasn't opened it yet or someone who used the app for a period of time and then stopped.

ironSource’s Aura works towards re-engagement throughout the device’s lifecycle with a goal to turn users into long-term, loyal consumers. With its machine learning capabilities, Aura is able to analyze which users are the most likely to re-engage and send customized notifications at key, trigger-based moments.

5 tools for effective mobile app re-engagement

  • Deep linking: A deep link is a hyperlink that, rather than linking to an app’s main page, links to a specific piece of content or page in an app. Deep linking creates an invaluable and highly personalized experience for the user because marketers get increased control over their app’s targeting process.
  • Push notifications: Push notifications are more user friendly compared to emails because the copy is simple and the format lets the user take quick action. Push notifications not only increase conversion rates, but also help you build relationships with users.
  • Paid advertising retargeting campaigns: When it comes to getting users back on your app, your content should be simple and brief. Retargeting ads constitute the least intrusive way to reach users.
  • Personalized email campaigns: Email marketing is super low-cost and can be kept clear and to the point. It is most appropriate to make email campaigns to be used for long-term strategies.
  • Aura contextual notifications: Aura’s contextual notifications bring together targeting, timing/triggers, such as, connectivity and charge, to encourage re-engagement with an app and hit people when they’re most likely to engage.
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