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App Discovery

What is app discovery?

App discovery 101

App discovery is the process by which mobile app developers get their app noticed by users. With over 1.5 million apps in the App Store and more than 2 billion smartphones in circulation globally, the gap between search and find is getting bigger. Apps are competing for users, and many are even competing for the same user - app discovery has become a difficult thing for app marketers to crack.

How to get your app discovered

  • Work the forums: Submit your app to directories and forums in order to attract the right audience
  • Approach alternative app store markets: It’s essential to choose the right mix of traffic channels
  • Pitch to publications: Pitch your app to reporters to score articles from relevant publications
  • Learn from your competition: Your app is probably not the first of its kind. You should identify your competitors and learn from them
  • Build your community: Build an adoring fan base by becoming active in community outreach
  • Cross-promote: If people are already enjoying one of your apps, they are likely to download another from the same developer
  • Create a press kit: Make it easy for people to find information
  • Paid advertising: Set up a paid ad campaign through an ad network, social media campaign, etc.
  • OEM and carrier partners: Use ironSource’s Aura platform to get your app in front of millions of new device owners at moments when they’re primed to engage

How to get your app discovered
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