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Case Study
How Wonder Group boosted ARPDAU 24% and reached #2 on the US charts with Unity LevelPlay mediation
Wonder Group, Save the Doge
Wonder Group is a Chinese mobile gaming studio home to hyper-casual games like Save the Doge. Wonder Group wanted to boo...
  • ab testing
  • mediation
  • ...
    • monetization
    • user acquisition
Back-to-school shopping trends for your app or brand in 2023
Daniel Godley
The back-to-school shopping season is around the corner and consumers are writing up their shopping lists of pencils, te...
  • apps
  • MobileVoice
Luna surfaces Apple Search Ads impression share data for smarter, more accurate bidding
Yotam Wimmer, Director of Product Management
Knowing your impression share for Apple Search Ads search terms gives you a clearer picture of your position in the mark...
  • apple search ads
  • user acquisition
P&O fundamentals: busting the myths surrounding player ownership
Gal Fisheloviz, Director of Business Strategy at ironSource
Play and Own (P&O) gives your users ownership over their digital assets, turning those assets into collectibles and ...
  • web3

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Case Study
CallApp partners with Aura to boost installs 45x and decrease CPI 56%
CallApp Software Ltd, CallApp
CallApp, is a caller ID, blocking, and recording app based out of Tel Aviv. With over 200M users, CallApp is a global ma...
  • on-device advertising
  • user acquisition
The Unity Gaming Report: Diving in with the team behind it
Emory Irpan and Nathan TenboerUnity
In this LevelUp episode, Melissa sits down with Emory Irpan and Nathan TenBoer, Director of Operations, Consultancy, and...
  • games
Case Study
How Panda Studio boosted ROAS 222% and reduced eCPI 21% with Unity LevelPlay’s product suite
Panda Studio, Battle Bingo
Panda Studio, a mobile game development company based in China, was looking to scale up their biggest hit, Battle Bingo....
  • mediation
  • ua optimizer
  • ...
    • user acquisition
Case Study
How CashWalk increased revenue by 225% and engagement rate by 5x working with Unity LevelPlay
CashWalk, CashWalk
CashWalk, an app based out of Korea, lets you earn rewards for walking or running, which can be exchanged for gift cards...
  • monetization
  • offerwall

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