In this episode of Out of the Box, our host Jess Overton, Director of Demand at ironSource Aura, sits down with Sarah Chafer, VP of US Ad Sales at ironSource, and Adrienne Rice, Director of Media Investment at M&C Saatchi Performance.

They discuss consumer insights and trends for the 2022 holiday season, based on our holiday marketing playbook.

Key topics you'll learn more about:

1. Consumers enjoy giving gifts (64%) more than receiving gifts (49%)

People enjoy shopping for others during the holiday season, which shapes where you're marketing and how to ensure your reaching the giver not the receiver.

2. Timing is everything, and consumers are shopping earlier than ever 

The holidays are a good time to move away from the day-to-day and engage users in a new, creative way, such as through currency sales on specific dates.

3. Buy now, pay later programs drive a lot of value 

Consumers are becoming more familiar with these programs and, as they do, purchasing power and conversions are going up for companies that have adopted them.

4. Spend where you'll get the most bang for your buck 

Every dollar is that much more important during the holidays. It's important to use the entire year to test and discover new things, and then you can put all of your learnings into action during the holidays.

Download our holiday marketing playbook.

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