Case Study

Random Logic Games is a mobile games studio founded in Birmingham, Alabama. Their portfolio includes chart-topping word games, including Infinite Word Search and Guess the Emoji. 

Below, Andrew Stone, President at Random Logic, shares his experience advertising with ironSource Aura. 

Expanding beyond traditional UA channels

Before testing Aura nearly a year ago, our user acquisition strategy at Random Logic centered around traditional ad sources, like the ironSource ad network. We had no experience at all running campaigns outside of this type of traffic, much less with device manufacturers and carriers. 

But while traditional ad sources remain a big part of our UA strategy, optimizing for them can be a drain on our studio’s resources. Constantly needing to update and iterate on ad creatives for traditional UA channels is costly and time-consuming - not to mention setting up and optimizing campaigns. 

Testing out Aura

In early 2019, after having worked closely with ironSource for a few years, we decided to expand our user acquisition channels beyond traditional networks and agreed to test out Aura, ironSource’s OEM and carrier activity. 

We started out running with Aura’s onboarding placement, or setup wizard. Essentially, users who buy new mobile phones that are connected with Aura see our games during their device’s native setup flow, and are recommended to install it. 

After seeing that performance there was promising, we decided to test some more of Aura’s placements:

  • Full-screen offers, which act like interstitials during the onboarding flow
  • Dynamic preloads, meaning our games are preloaded onto devices which Aura’s algorithm predicts their owners are likely to enjoy
  • Install notifications, which recommend users to install our games throughout the device lifecycle  


All in all, it’s a very straight forward process working with Aura. Creatives are not needed for most of the Aura products, which saves us a lot of hassle.

What’s more, there is a massive amount of scale available through Aura - both in the US and internationally, that you rarely see with traditional user acquisition channels. In fact, we were able to increase install volume by 30x in some geos with Aura, and are now running in more than 35 countries.  

"In comparison to average CPIs on other ad networks, Aura brings us cost-effective, ROI positive traffic."

- Andrew Stone, President at Random Logic Games


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