Case Study

Online Soccer Manager is a casual game developed by Gamebasics.

Game Circus, based in Holland, was founded in 2001 as an online gaming company.

The challenge

Gamebasics sought to increase Online Soccer Manager’s ad revenue, while maintaining user satisfaction and increasing user engagement.


  • Lift in-app purchases
  • Introduce users to the offerwall to drive organic growth
The solution

Gamebasics ran a double credit offerwall promotion campaign during Halloween, which gave users double the offerwall rewards for a limited time. During the double credit promotion, advertisers working with ironSource increased their budgets, further boosting ad revenue for apps.

Gamebasics sent users a fullscreen in-app notification to raise awareness for the double credit campaign and educate users on the offerwall.

The results

Thanks to the double credit offerwall promotion, Gamebasics tripled their ad revenue, tripled their unique users, and increase in-app purchases by 15%. In addition, organic growth grew by 40%.

“ironSource is our ‘recommended partner’ for offerwall, since they deliver the best revenue for us.”

- Sebastian Klein, User Acquisition & Monetization Manager Gamebasics


Uplift in IAPs


Unique users




Increase in organic growth

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