Case Study

Founded in 2014 in Singapore, BIGO develops video broadcast and VoIP related products powered by AI. Their mobile apps, some of which include Bigo Live, Likee, and imo, have 300 million monthly active users and are top-ranked in India, Russia, Indonesia, and more. 

Learn how BIGO uses Aura to acquire users for their app Likee, a short-video creation platform that’s popular among Gen Z. 


Likee is in high growth mode, so their biggest priority is acquiring a large volume of new users - but more importantly, quality users. 

The user acquisition team at Likee started out running campaigns on traditional ad networks and channels, and even a few OEM stores. However, the scale wasn’t high enough to meet their goals, and the users they did succeed in acquiring were often low quality, with low LTVs.

“The Aura team is always quick to answer our questions and offer feedback on campaign performance."

- Iris Zhang, UA Manager at Likee


Likee started working with Aura with the objective of scaling their user acquisition with OEMs and carriers. Bigo is a company driven by innovation and creativity - the team at Likee executes on those values by continually testing new Aura ad placements, which are strategically designed to catch users’ attention at critical moments of the device lifecycle:

  • Setup wizard: Aura offers a personalized app selection experience OOBE which gives users the option to install Likee during the setup of the device - before they even get to the home page. 
  • Dynamic preloads: Aura pre-installs Likee for relevant user segments, unlocking high LTVs at massive scale.
  • Smart notifications: Aura sends device owners push notifications recommending Likee to users who’ve never installed the app before, often during special occasions like holidays. 


Today, about 20-30% of all of Likee’s installs come from Aura. Aura has been able to deliver high volume, quality users - which has been crucial in growing Likee into a top video creation app across multiple countries. 

“Our user acquisition strategy is definitely stronger now that Aura is one of our biggest channels.”

- Iris Zhang, UA Manager at Likee

Likee has been an ideal partner for Aura in every sense - quick to implement our suggestions, willing to experiment with new placements, and consistently bringing creative ideas and acquisition strategies to the table.

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