Case Study

eBay Kleinanzeigen is the largest online classifieds portal in Germany. Launched in 2009, it currently has over 45 million ads placed.

Read on to hear from Alexandra Wybranski, Online and Mobile Marketing Manager at eBay Kleinanzeigen, how their team and ironSource’s partnership has flourished, and how the app has scaled their user base with Aura.

How and why the partnership began 

To maximize scale, increase installs, and grow the eBay Kleinanzeigen app’s user base, we knew we needed a partner that would help us attract the right users. That’s why we partnered with ironSource Aura in 2017 – to gain access to leading OEMs and carriers that would enable us to acquire additional users.

During our first two years with Aura, we worked on finding quality customers for our app that would likely install. We wanted to ensure we were reaching a valuable user-base, which would lead to an improvement in scale. 

The strength of our partnership was instrumental to our success – since the beginning, our partnership with Aura has given our team at eBay Kleinanzeigen great value in finding the right users for our app. We are grateful for the hands-on effort of the team at Aura, and their ability to grow with us over the years.

The partnership takes off contributing to a continuously increasing share of our paid installs

With Aura continually adding new, larger OEMs and carriers over the past two years, we saw our scale really take off. Working with larger OEMs with global reach opened up a whole new ball game for us.

By adding additional devices to our user acquisition strategy, we saw an 80% increase in installs in Q1 2021 compared to the previous quarter. In Q2 2021, we added more devices, increasing our distribution strategy to five channels and our installs 3X.

Ultimately, as Aura continued to expand and innovate, we reaped the rewards. The increase in installs is thanks to the strong communication between our team and the team at Aura, and the effort they put into their work with us. 

"They cared about our long-term success and understood that access to the most well-known OEMs and carriers was key to diversifying our UA strategy."

- Alexandra Wybranski, Online and Mobile Marketing Manager at eBay Kleinanzeigen

Results of the partnership

In the first half of 2021, our installs reached a record number with Aura. Aside from the immense UA success, Aura helped us to hit our cost per install target, which made Aura highly competitive with other UA initiatives.

Thanks to the effort and catered insights from the team at Aura for the past three years, we have seen an immense increase in our installs and are excited to continue growing together.

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