Case Study

dtac is one of the largest telcos in Thailand with over 20 million subscribers. Their app for dtac customers lets them connect directly with users to provide customer service, manage payments, and market new promotions and rewards that drive revenue.

In order to track performance more effectively and scale their app to boost upsells, they partnered with Aura. Below, the dtac team discuss their experience working with Aura to get access to in-depth, accurate data and achieve a 49% app install conversion rate. 

Reaching dtac customers directly and boosting app install conversion rate by 68%

We wanted to target users who already demonstrated strong engagement with our brand - existing dtac customers fit this description perfectly. But we needed an effective channel to reach these customers so we could drive installs to our app and upsell directly on their devices, and traditional UA channels couldn’t do this. 

Aura’s advantage in working with the OEMs directly enabled us to target devices and reach engaged dtac customers so in just over four months, we increased our app install conversion rate from 29% to 49%.

Since Aura is integrated directly on devices, they were able to implement carrier targeting and reach dtac customers using Samsung devices. Aura’s advantage in working with the OEMs like Samsung, Huawei, and Wiko directly enabled us to target devices and ensure we reached the engaged dtac customers we wanted to go after. In just over four months, we increased our app install conversion rate from 29% to 49% which proved the effectiveness of Aura’s carrier targeting and optimization of our UA campaign.

Getting in-depth insights and trustworthy data 

Aura revealed their strong internal infrastructure of direct data and tracking, and we felt we could rely on this data alone to measure performance and optimization. We used the performance insights from their Dash campaign dashboard to take a deep dive into our user acquisition strategy. 

Filtering by age, gender, geo, etc. gave us full transparency into the effectiveness of our localized creatives, user targeting, and the overall campaign performance. We provided the Aura team with high-quality creative materials to run in the campaign. 

60% of our installs came from affluent users in Bangkok, so our ability to use Aura’s granular parameters and target Tier 1 devices helped us acquire high-value users at scale. By working together, and providing Aura with our input and expertise into targeting mobile users in Thailand, we were able to significantly grow our conversion rate among various device tiers. 

Also, since Aura partners directly with OEMs, which eliminates any chance of attribution fraud, we knew we could trust the data we were seeing.

Relying on the support and expertise of the Aura team

We were extremely impressed with the service provided by the Aura team and worked closely with them to launch and optimize our UA strategy. Throughout the entire partnership, we felt the Aura team was always accessible and available to answer our questions while providing full transparency in terms of results and performance. Now we count on Aura to help us continue to scale our business and engage with customers while always ensuring we have access to the data and insights to back up our decisions.

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