There’s a great misconception that app developers and app advertisers can’t both get their way -- publishers are worried ad campaigns will damage user experience and advertisers are looking for maximum exposure and impact. But app advertising doesn’t have to be a zero sum game. It's why more and more app advertisers are turning to rewarded video ads. Let’s learn why.

What are rewarded video ads?

Rewarded video ads offer users a clear value exchange -- users watch a video ad and get in-app rewards (like in-app currency, premium content, etc) in return. 

RV is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing ad units, and for good reason. They're completely opt-in so they don’t damage user experience; they increase user engagement (no addicted gamer will turn down free coins, I know first hand); they bring app developers more revenue; and give advertisers higher viewability rates and engaging, enjoyable ad campaigns. They're a win-win-win.

For advertisers: better viewability and campaigns

When it comes to app advertising, marketers are looking to connect with consumers in a medium where they are wired to engage and convert, but viewability remains an industry-wide problem. In fact, according to a Google study, 56.1% of all ad impressions are not seen.

Fortunately, rewarded videos have just what it takes to solve advertisers’ concerns.

How do rewarded video ads increase viewability?

If an ad takes too long to load, users might click away. The ad was served, but no one saw it. The same can happen if users quickly scroll and swipe past it.

Since rewarded video ads are user initiated, they're a guaranteed view for advertisers. In order for the ad to be served, users have to click to accept the rewarded video. This gives advertisers complete certainty that an ad was only shown to someone who chose to see it.

How do rewarded video ads drive successful campaigns for advertisers?

Rewarded videos are like rocket fuel for app campaigns. In contrast to other non-skippable video advertisements, which might damage user experience and upset users, users have a high incentive to watch a rewarded video. Because they’re less likely to find the advertisement intrusive, they’ll remain positive during the duration of the advertisement and respond better to messaging.

In addition, marketers have the option to place a specific call to action at the end of a rewarded video ad. Offering users a “click to download” or “click to purchase” button is a great way to drive app downloads, increase sales and build on lead generation efforts.

Clearly, rewarded videos offer great opportunities for advertisers. We expect this lucrative ad unit to continue gaining popularity in the coming years. Are you next?

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