Whether you’re an advertiser or a publisher, partnering up with the right programmatic video advertising platform is one of the most important business decisions you can make. More than half of U.S. marketing budgets are now devoted to programmatically purchased media, and there’s no indication that trend will reverse any time soon.

Everybody wants to find the solution that’s best for their bottom line. However, the specific considerations that should go into choosing the right video programmatic advertising solution differ depending on whether you have supply to sell or are looking for an audience for your advertisements. This article will break down key factors for both mobile advertisers and mobile publishers to keep in mind as they search for a programmatic video advertising platform.

Before we get into the specifics on either end, let’s recap the basic concepts.

In this post, we’ll cover the following:

What is a programmatic video advertising platform?

4 points to help advertisers choose the best programmatic platform

4 points for publishers in search of the best programmatic platform

Pick a powerful programmatic partner

What is a programmatic video advertising platform?

A programmatic video advertising platform combines tools, processes, and marketplaces to place video ads from advertising partners in ad placements furnished by publishing partners. The “programmatic” part of the term means that it’s all done procedurally via automated tools, integrating with demand side platforms and supply side platforms to allow advertising placements to be bid upon, selected, and displayed in fractions of a second.

If a mobile game has ever offered you extra rewards for watching a video and you found yourself watching an ad for a related game a split second later, you’ve likely been on the user side of an advertising programmatic transaction. Now let’s take a look at what considerations make for the ideal programmatic video advertising platform for the other two main parties involved.

4 points to help advertisers choose the best programmatic platform

Looking for the best way to leverage your video demand side platform? These are four key points for advertisers to consider when trying to find the right programmatic video advertising platform.

A large, engaged audience

One of the most important things a programmatic video advertising platform can do for advertisers is put their creative content in front of as many people as possible. However, it’s not enough to just pass your content in front of the most eyeballs. It’s equally important for the platform to give you access to engaged audiences who are more likely to convert so you can make the most of your advertising dollar.

Full-screen videos to grab attention

You need every advantage you can get when you’re grappling for the attention of a busy mobile user. Your video demand side platform should prioritize full-screen takeovers when and where they make sense, making sure your content isn’t just playing unnoticed on the far side of the screen.

A range of ad options that are easy to test

Your video programmatic advertising partner should be able to offer a broad variety of creative and placement options, including interstitial and rewarded ads. It should also enable you to test, iterate, and optimize ads as soon as they’re put into rotation, ensuring your ad spend is meeting your targets and allowing for fast and flexible changes if needed.

Simple access to supply

Even the most powerful programmatic video advertising platform is no good if it’s impractical to get running. Look for partners that allows instant access to supply through tried-and-true platforms like Google Display & Video 360, Magnite, and others. On top of that, you should seek out a private exchange to ensure access to premium inventory.

4 points for publishers in search of the best programmatic platform

You work hard to make the best apps for your users, and you deserve to partner up with a programmatic video advertising platform that works hard too. Serving video ads that both keep users engaged and your profits rising can be a tricky needle to thread, but the right platform should make your part of the process simple and effective.

A large selection of advertisers

Encountering the same ads over and over again can get old fast — and diminish engagement. On top of that, a small selection of advertisers means fewer chances for your users to connect with an ad and convert — which means less revenue, too. The ideal programmatic video advertising platform will partner with thousands of advertisers to fill your placements with fresh, engaging content.

Rewarded videos and offerwalls

Interstitial video ads aren’t likely to disappear any time soon, but players strongly prefer other means of advertisement. In fact, 76% of US mobile gamers say they prefer rewarded videos over interstitial ads. Giving players the choice of when to watch ads, with the inducement of in-game rewards, can be very powerful — and an offerwall is another powerful way to put the ball in your player’s court.

Easy supply-side SDK integration

The time your developers spend integrating a new video programmatic advertising solution into your apps is time they could have spent making those apps more engaging for users. While any backend adjustment will naturally take some time to implement, your new programmatic partner should offer a powerful, industry-standard SDK to make the process fast and non-disruptive.

Support for programmatic mediation

Mediators such as LevelPlay by ironSource automatically prioritize ad demand from multiple third-party networks, optimizing your cash flow and reducing work on your end. Your programmatic video advertising platform should seamlessly integrate with mediators to make the most of each ad placement, every time.

Pick a powerful programmatic partner

Thankfully, advertisers and publishers alike can choose one solution that checks all the above boxes and more. For advertisers, the ironSource Programmatic Marketplace will connect you with targeted audiences in thousands of apps that gel with your brand. For publishers, ironSource’s marketplace means a massive selection of ads that your users and your bottom line will love. Contact us today to find out more about how we can put our modern mobile ad solutions and industry-spanning partnerships to work for your business.

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