We all know that ads are the Super Bowl's main attraction. (Sorry, football/ Lady Gaga fans.) Some were classics, others were bland; some missed the opportunity, others made the most of each second. Either way, we watched them all so you don't have to. Here's our top picks for the best Super Bowl ads of 2017.

1. T-Mobile: #NSFWireless

T-Mobile wins "Best Marriage of Humor & Brand Message." Pure genius. Shout out to Kristen Schaal for having the best voice in America.

2. Ford: Go Further

Ford wins "Clearest Product Message." The closest an ad has come to planes, trains and automobiles. Is there anywhere you can't go on a Ford? Seems not.

3. Snickers: A Live Super Bowl Commercial

Snickers wins "Best Use of Live." The only enemy in Snickers commercials is hunger.

4. Mr. Clean: Cleaner of Your Dreams

Mr. Clean wins "Best Punchline." Who doesn't like a man who cleans? Literally, no one. Not the biggest cheerleader for equality at home, but what's funny about that?

5. Squarespace: John Malkovich

Squarespace wins "Best Use of a Celebrity." Kia was a close second with Melissa McCarthy's eco warrior, but the whole ad was carried on her humour and loveability rather than the idea. Squarespace have a great product hook, and just made better use of Malkovich to carry it home.

6. Budweiser: Born the Hard Way

Budweiser wins "Best Use of Current Events." There were a lot of ads that nodded at America's current, tense political climate but Budweiser came out on top. Airbnb, on the other hand felt like a missed opportunity that left us feeling a bit underwhelmed. Especially because their print ads and offline efforts in 2016 and early this year have been so great.

7. Google Home: Home by You. Help by Google

Google wins "Best Tagline" and "Most Emotional." Leave it to Google to create genius ways to show how their products fit into and around our lives.

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