We've updated our list for this year! Check out the list of the best conferences for app developers in 2018.


Like the old saying goes - there ain’t no party like an app developers’ party. 2017 is set to be a jampacked year of opportunity to mingle, learn and most importantly, contribute to what the future has in store for apps and the people behind them.

Here’s our best pick of this year’s not-to-be-missed conferences:


Casual Connect Europe

Where & When: Berlin / February 7-9
Why: One for the gamers, with speakers from emerging and long-standing markets of the gaming industry.
Don't miss: Panel discussion on developing games for kids on the Tuesday. Oh, and ironSource will be there so come and say hello!

Where & When: San Francisco / February 11-16
Why: The focus is on new development tech. There is also a hackathon to kick things off.
Don’t miss: Getting funding for your app - it’s an event for venture capitalists too.

Mobile World Conference aka #MWC17
Where & When: Barcelona / 27 Feb-2 March
Why: B2B event for anyone benefiting from mobile tech in their business.
Don’t miss: Keynote from Netflix Founder Reed Hastings & Optimising for Exceptional Video Experiences
Also Tapas, because you know, #Barcelona


Game Developers Conference aka GDC

Where & When: San Francisco / February 27-March 3
Why: The place to be for all things gaming, with content on the tools, platforms and services changing the industry.
Don’t miss: A range of sessions for developers presented by Amazon Lumberyard.

Mobile + Web DevCon
Where & When: San Francisco / March 1-3
Why: Content and speakers designed to help attendees become better developers.
Don’t miss: Optimizing your app for profitability on Day Two.

Where & When: Austin, Texas / March 10-19
Why: Beyond outstanding live music and cultural commentary, it’s also a place for discussions around tech. One for developers looking to do things a little differently.
Don’t miss: VR/AR sessions, B2A Marketing: Selling to the new AI consumer.

Where & When: Amsterdam / March 16-17
Why: Billed as the ‘conference for app developers, by app developers,’ this conference will have value, no matter what you’re developing. Also the tickets are a bargain.
Don’t miss: Things to remember when you build your robot army on the first day.


Microsoft Build

Where & When: Seattle / May 10-12
Why: Combines a focus on technical expertise with the relationship building of conferences.
Don’t miss: Since 2016, there’s been a new focus on iOS and Android developers, as the giant moves away from a Windows-only strategy, so expect some interesting cross-platform content.

Tech In Asia
Where & When: Singapore / May 17-18
Why: It’s all about connecting people - investors to start-ups, or developers with each other. Experience the emerging market of APAC with a range of exciting opportunities for devs.
Don’t miss: Startup-investor speed dating, and make sure to get the networking app before you arrive to make the most of your time there.


Tech In Asia India
Where & When: Bangalore / July 6-7
Why: The sister conference to Singapore’s TIA, this conference is another rewarding APAC meeting. A true international range of attendees and speakers, and content which focuses on scaling up as well as start up.
Don’t miss: The chance to showcase your business on Bootstrap Alley by signing up early.

Where & When: Washington DC / July 17-19
Why: Focus is on the tech behind developing for Android - developers and engineers
Don’t miss: The Idea Exchange on the Tuesday. An informal and open venue to exchange ideas and troubleshoot.


360 iDev
Where & When: Denver / August 13-16
Why: One for the iOS developer and a self-styled alternative to the WWDC.
Don’t miss: Content for indie developers - with help on thinking through legal, sales, and business as well as the more typical developer speakers.


TechCrunchDisrupt SF 2017
Where & When: San Francisco / September 18-20
Why: For startups, investors, and those interested in emerging tech.
Don’t miss: The Startup Battlefield - always exciting.

Dates TBC - The Giants Keep You Guessing

Apple and Google have yet to reveal the whens and where of their annual conferences, but don’t panic if you aren’t able to get your hands on a ticket - as live streaming goes they’re the best in the business, so stay tuned for the big reveals.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference aka WWDC 17
Where & When: As of yet TBC
Why: Launch event for most Apple updates and new products. Essential for anyone developing for iOS or Mac.
Don’t miss: The tickets that are offered on random selection when released. Also a potential big reveal to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.
More: (last year’s website but still your best bet for info when launched)

Google I/O
Where & When: As of yet TBC
Why: The place to be for Android updates, news and gossip. Also a genuinely useful place to train in the nuts and bolts of Android development.
Don’t miss: If previous years are anything to go by, there could be discounted tickets for women and young developers.
More: (this year’s website is not yet live but keep your eyes peeled)


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