App discovery

How to get users to use your app

With over 1.5 million apps in the App Store and more than 2 billion smartphones in circulation globally, app discovery is becoming a difficult task for app marketers to crack. But even as competition for users increases, there are noteworthy ways to bridge the gap between app search and discovery.

ironSource’s Aura connects app developers with more than 130 million users across more than 45 countries at prime moments throughout the device lifecycle. With Aura’s AI algorithm and unique parameters that place your app in front of relevant users, there’s no need for users to go to the app stores to find new apps. In the end, Aura, and its partnerships with OEMs and carriers, is a great way to get your app discovered from the start.

How to get users
for your app

Users discover, use, and stay engaged with apps in countless different ways. For starters, 95% of users install apps in the first 48 hours of owning a device.

of users find out about the new apps
from friends or family

of users find out about the new apps
by browsing the app stores

of users find out about the new apps
looking at app recommendations in the store

of users find out about the new apps
seeing in-app ads

How to get more users for your app with Aura

Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

Recommend apps to users the first time they turn on their new device with this app discovery wizard. OOBE delivers the most relevant content to users through categorical and device targeting during their first interaction with the device.

Intelligent preload

Maximize exposure with a smart, dynamic preload that downloads and installs apps during the device activation process. If the app is not opened within a defined time frame, a personalized notification is sent to the user.

In-life notifications

Users receive app recommendations based on a wide range of triggers, such as low storage and profile, throughout the device lifecycle. Smart notifications reach relevant users at prime moments – when they are looking to discover new apps.

Existing device update

Allow users to discover your app during OS and software updates on existing devices. During an update, Aura is more equipped to target users based on their interests and profiles, and put your app in front of users who are likely to engage.

How to get users for your Android app

First, make sure to understand the differences between the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android.
App Store
  • Up to 3 videos
  • Autoplay
  • 30 seconds
  • Appears in search results
  • Video poster frame
  • Can be portrait or landscape
  • A closer look section

As opposed to the Android market, iOS is a closed ecosystem and its distribution platform is limited. This means that app store optimization is really important for apps in the App Store. The usability, appeal, functionality, efficiency and overall quality will make it easier for users to find your app on iOS.


Android devices offer dozens of store options other than Google Play. To get your app discovered on an Android device, look at third-party app stores to promote your app to a niche group of users. It’s also helpful to diversify and launch on multiple channels in the Android market, such as ironSource’s Aura.

Google Play
  • 1 video
  • Click to play
  • YouTube video (without ads and not part of a playlist)
  • Doesn’t appear in search results
  • Static featured graphic (Appears only if you add a video)
  • Landscape
Promote your app with Aura