Mobile app advertising networks: Integration

What is ad network integration?

Use a mobile ad network to start driving revenue and make money from your app. App developers can integrate ad networks into their apps to serve ads to their users, as a way to earn money and monetize. Each network is a single SDK integration, that’s quick and easy to set up. The ironSource SDK is the top mobile video ad network for games on the market today.

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What are mobile ad networks?

Mobile ad networks connect app developers (or publishers, as they’re sometimes called in the industry) and advertisers. App developers use ad networks to serve ads to their users in order to monetize their apps, while advertisers use ad networks to promote their products. Developers integrate the ad network into their app through an SDK.

The ad network works by aggregating ad inventory from the apps that it’s integrated with, and then selling that inventory to advertisers.

ironSource is known to be one of the mobile ad networks with the highest CPM for publishers. In fact, ironSource has been named in many mobile ad network rankings, and lists of mobile ad networks. The publishers who work with ironSource consistently receive high eCPMs, high fill rates, and high quality ads. See for yourself.

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How do mobile ad networks work?

1. Ad network integration

First, the app publisher integrates the mobile ad network’s single SDK and initializes it.

2. Data capture

Once integrated, the network captures the available device identifiers from the publisher in order to better understand who the publisher’s users are.

3. Ad server

The identifier information is fed to an ad server, which uses data science to crunch the user level data and compare it against all of the available ads from the ad buyers to ensure the best ad network advertising.

4. Serve

The network matches the user and ad buyer, looking for the campaign that will generate the highest performance and quality for the advertiser, which in turn delivers the highest CPM for the app publisher.

Mobile ad networks for apps from ironSource

Playable ads

Playable ads are mini-games users can try out before they decide to install. They’re always enjoyable, make for a good user experience, and deliver the highest eCPMs in the industry.

Rewarded video ads

Rewarded video ads give users a clear value exchange – users watch a video ad and receive rewards in return. They’re opt-in, boost in-app purchases, and encourage users to return.


Offerwalls act as a mini-store in your app, which lists out tasks users can complete in exchange for receiving in in-app reward. They’re entirely user-initiated, significantly extend session length, and deliver industry leading eCPMs.


Interstitial ads engage users with rich, customizable, and appealing static or in app video ads at natural pauses in an app’s flow, ensuring minimum disruption to user experience.

The benefits of app ad networks

95% of users don’t pay

Most app users today don’t pay to play. That’s why many app developers look to integrate mobile ad networks and monetize their non-paying users through ads. App developers can significantly increase their revenue using mobile ad network advertising.

Get deep user insights

The best mobile ad networks for publishers today offer deep user analytics and reports in addition to monetization services. This includes cohorts, user segmentation, and more, all of which can be used to track and study user behavior in order to make data-driven business decisions.

Increase in-app purchases

Delivering ads to your users through mobile ad networks can actually drive in-app purchases. For example, users who engage with rewarded ads are up to 6x more likely to make an in-app purchase.

Boost user engagement and retention

Using mobile ad network advertising to serve users ads that complement your game loop, integrated in the right places with the right capping and pacing, can improve user retention, in-app engagement, and lifetime value.

In-game advertising examples:
How top developers are monetizing with ironSource

PickCrafter boosts revenue by 165% with ironSource rewarded video

“ironSource offered a fast and seamless placement implementation within PickCrafter and the addition of rewarded video ads placements yielded significant engagement and revenue growth. From ad execution to reporting, ironSource has been a true and steady game monetization partner in every sense.”

– Chris Lewis, Co-Founder at Fiveamp

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Earn to Die 2 boosts engagement rate by 38% with ironSource rewarded video

“We always knew rewarded video mediation would be a smart way to approach monetization. We had to offer a variable reward that increased depending on the strength of the vehicle in the game, otherwise watching the video wouldn’t be worth our users’ time.”

– Jason Daskalopoulos, Senior Business and Marketing Manager at Not Doppler

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Big Fish doubles revenue with ironSource rewarded video

“After implementing rewarded video with ironSource, we saw double digit increase in revenue – both gross revenue across the entire game and also revenue coming directly from players who are engaging with IAPs. We saw those players actually choosing to spend more while they’re also experiencing rewarded video.”

– Jon Grande, Senior Director of Product Management at Big Fish

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Dots users ask for ironSource rewarded video ad unit

“We did a test where we actually took out ironSource’s rewarded video ad unit. But then we saw a lot of negative reviews in the Google Play Store. So we knew that users were very happy with the ad unit and it was incorporated well into the game.”

– Chris Calderon, Former VP of Marketing and Revenue at Dots

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Custom ad network integration for
Android and iOS SDK

Android ad network

Follow the instructions here to integrate ads in your Android app, and boost your Android app ad revenue.

iOS ad network

Follow the instructions here to integrate ads in your iOS app, and boost your iOS app ad revenue.