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The benefits of ironSource in-app bidding

Start in-app bidding immediately

You can start making more money with in-app bidding the moment you integrate the ironSource SDK into your game

Access high-paying ad networks

You’ll see your revenue increase, as the industry’s leading bidding networks like Facebook Audience Network all compete, so you can make more from your ad space

Automate monetization

Take the time away from manually managing your waterfall and focus on building your game – no hands-on optimization necessary

How to get started

Sign up to the ironSource platform
Add your app and select the ad units you want
Integrate the ironSource SDK
Activate the bidding networks you want
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What ironSource partners are saying

“The important thing for us is that the introduction of ironSource in-app bidding actually increased our revenue across each network”

David Cooke, Monetization Manager at East Side Games

“We found that bidding was improving our monetization performance for the countries we previously didn’t have time to optimize instances for”

Rahul Ravindranath, Monetization Specialist at Amanotes

“The increase in ARPDAU combined with the fact that in-app bidding was already a much less time-consuming monetization setup, pushed us to move over the rest of our inventory on Train Station 2 completely to in-app bidding”

Michal Hablovic, Producer at Pixel Federation

What the hell is in-app bidding?

In-app bidding turns your ad space into a real-time bidding auction. That means, in-app bidding requests that all the ad networks bid on each ad impression at the same time. The ad network with the highest bid gets to serve the ad. That’s in contrast to the traditional waterfall system, which requires you to manually choose which ad network gets the chance to serve the ad first. Basically, in-app bidding means you can set and forget your monetization management, and be 100% sure you’re still getting maximum revenue.

Start monetizing with ironSource and watch the revenue roll in

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