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SDK Integration

Our guide to SDK integration

What is SDK Integration?

SDK integration is the process of importing a library file, known as a software development kit, into your project in order to use that file’s functions. Integrating the ironSource SDK into a mobile game project, for example, lets the game developer access ironSource’s ad network and serve advertisements, effectively monetizing the mobile game.

SDK integration for Android

Before starting an SDK integration for Android, make sure to check what Android version the SDK supports. There are a few steps to integrating the ironSource SDK for Android games. The first step is adding the SDK to your project, either through Gradle or manually. The second step is updating the AndroidManifest.xml. The third step for Android is overriding the activity lifecycle methods. Next, set the listeners and then initialize the SDK. Finally, be sure to verify your SDK integration. Read more about ironSource’s SDK integration for Android.

SDK Integration for iOS

Like with Android, be sure to check what iOS version the SDK supports before beginning an SDK integration for iOS. Here are the steps to follow: First, add the SDK to your project either via CocoaPods or manually. Next, set the delegates. Then initialize the ironSource iOS SDK. Finally, verify your integration. Read more about ironSource’s SDK integration for iOS.

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