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Native Ads

What is native advertising?

Native advertising is a fully customizable system-initiated ad unit that appears as a seamless part of the app’s design, matching its look and feel. Native display ads are most effective for app monetization when they are integrated into the app content itself. App developers can customize how mobile native ads are displayed in their app, choosing the fonts, colors, and graphics in order to create a positive ad experience for their users. Native ads are best for communication apps, lifestyle apps, tool apps, and personalization apps. Mobile native ads are most popular with feed-based and social apps. ironSource is a native ads network which provides app developers with one API integration, so they can easily implement thousands of campaigns and serve customizable ads within their app’s existing coded formats. ironSource’s native advertising platform also offers filters by location, WiFi/3G, category, device type, and more. It’s common for app developers to utilize ironSource’s native ads platform to create a ‘Deal of the Day’ for their years, so they can make the most out of their mobile native advertising format. Click here to learn more about native advertising integration.
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