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Mobile attribution

What is mobile attribution?

“Attribution” in advertising means verifying which ad network gets credited for a user seeing an ad, engaging with it, and downloading the advertised app. It’s common for advertisers to show ads for the same thing in multiple places at once (e.g. in-app, on desktop, and on TV). Because of this, advertisers need to work with Attribution Partners to help them understand on which ad the users took the desired action, e.g., install the app that’s being advertised. The attribution partner is a third-party that tracks which user saw the ad, and whether they responded to the ad by installing the advertised app. Mobile app attribution helps marketers track and understand their campaigns and determine on which channels their media campaigns are most successful.

For an install to be attributed correctly to an ad, multiple ad networks must provide unbiased information to the attribution firm. Mobile app attribution is complex and often difficult to determine, due to a lack of common industry standards and agreements between multiple parties that result in disagreement. There are many factors that contribute to app install attribution such as clicks, ad impressions, engagement within apps, and actions taken on social networks. In order to judge who gets paid, a mobile app attribution firm must keep track of all of the above app metrics with your mobile attribution window.

mobile attribution
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