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iOS IDFA: Apple’s Advertising Identifier

What is IDFA?

An acronym for The Identity for Advertisers, IDFA is the unique identifier given by Apple to each device. Crucial for mobile attribution, i.e. tracking the user journey, its purpose is to measure user interactions with ad campaigns and track events like installs and in-app activity. This allows advertisers to understand what motivates or triggers actions from users, which informs them how to customize and optimize campaigns. It should also be noted that IDFA does not reveal personal information of the users being tracked.

How to find IDFA on iPhone

To find the IDFA on your iOS device, a third-party tool is required, such as My Device IDFA by AppsFlyer and Adjust Insights by Adjust. These are available on the App Store.

How to reset IDFA on your device

If you don't want to be tracked, simply go to settings on your iOS device, select privacy and then advertising, and here it will give the option to reset your advertising identifier.

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