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Click Through Rate

What is (CTR) click through rate?

CTR, or click through rate, is the percentage of users who saw an ad and clicked on it. In terms of in-app advertising, CTR tells app advertisers the ratio of users who clicked on their app-install ad and were subsequently redirected to the app store.

How to calculate CTR and why is CTR important?

- Click through rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an ad receives by the number of times an ad was shown, and then multiplying by 100. - For example, if a mobile ad has 15 clicks and 1,000 ad impressions, its click through rate would be 1.5% - meaning 1.5% of users clicked on the mobile ad and were redirected to the app store to install the advertised app. - CTR = (clicks / impressions) x 100 - CTR is an important metric for measuring ad performance, indicating how relevant users find a mobile ad.
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