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App Rating

App ratings and reviews

App rating

App Rating is a way for users to give feedback on their experience with an app while simultaneously helping others decide which apps they should try out in the future. As a game developer - whether you’ve just launched an app, or you already have 10,000 daily active users - feedback from your users, especially in the form of app reviews, is key to your success. A positive review and app ranking will directly affect your app’s conversion rate.

Android app rating features

On Google Play, users are able to leave a public rating for apps and games they have previously downloaded. Reviews include a star rating as well as a written review. Keep in mind that reviews are public and linked to a users’ Google account, so developers can respond to reviews - both positive and negative.

iOS app rating features

Like with Google Play, users are able to leave public reviews for apps and games downloaded on the iOS App Store. But unlike Google Play, developers cannot respond to user ratings on iOS. Users can leave a star rating as well as a written review. For iOS, ratings and reviews influence how your app ranks in search results. If you're running campaigns on Apple Search Ads,the rating is also an important part of the app preview.

Managing your Google Play app reviews

Did you know that 67% of the top 100 free iOS apps have a 4 star rating or better? This shows how much it pays to improve your app’s rating. Ensure that when you respond to reviews you’re doing so promptly, apologizing when necessary, and even offering consolation. If someone’s left a negative review having to do with performance, you can have the review removed from the app store if the user’s device is an older model.

Managing App Store ratings

When it comes to managing reviews remember AAA: acknowledge, apologize, and assist. Never leave a comment unattended. Acknowledge the users’ grievance, apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and provide a means of contact.

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