ironSource Gamefest

Where mobile gaming’s best minds come together

Gamefest is an annual, invite-only mobile games summit that brings together 100 decision makers and thought leaders from the biggest game companies today.
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What happens at Gamefest?

Hosted by ironSource, the summit takes place over three action-packed days at different locations across Israel. From sightseeing trips, to parties in the heart of Tel Aviv, and a full schedule of workshops and sessions on the most important issues facing the game industry today – Gamefest is designed to convene the best minds in mobile gaming to propel the entire industry forward.

The Gamefest community

What sets Gamefest apart in the sea of game conferences is the caliber of participants it brings together, and the intimate setting it provides for networking and knowledge sharing. Senior executives from game companies around the world connect with their peers in an exclusive environment designed to allow for real conversations on issues that matter.

What have past attendees said?

“One of the highest quality events in the industry. You should attend if you have the chance”

Saikala Sultanova, UA Director, Ubisoft

What have past attendees said?

“Gaming’s bright minds brainstorming, learning, and moving the industry forward”

Tatyana Bogatyreva, Head of UA, Gram Games

What have past attendees said?

“An outstanding event. A lot of insights and networking. There wasn’t a salesperson in sight, so no one tried pitching you about their product.”

Artem Bulochkin, CMO, Belka Games

What have past attendees said?

“The best and most useful event I have been to in years!”

David Darling CBE, CEO, Kwalee

What have past attendees said?

“Great content, the best networking, and of course amazing parties. Thank you for a great time and all the effort you put into this event.”

Jane Anderson, Head of Ad Monetization, ZeptoLab