Dish Retail Wireless

How Dish Retail Wireless engages its 8M customers with rich experiences across the device lifecycle

ironSource Aura sat down with Otto Schmitz, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Dish Retail Wireless, to dive into the factors behind the successful partnership.

Transforming the device experience together

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Welcome Screen

2nd Screen

Personalization Screen

3rd Screen

App Selection Screen

4th Screen

Finish Screen

“The customization ironSource Aura provides goes down to the user level. We can speak to people in the manner that they want to be spoken to and we can resonate this core message that Boost Mobile, and any of the Dish Wireless brands, can bring you far more value than traditional competitors in the market.”
“Leveraging a single partner like ironSource Aura completes the ecosystem on the phone. All of the language, design, and everything the user touches within the product suite is consistent and it has really differentiated Boost Mobile.”
“ironSource Aura allows us to wave our hands in a meaningful way in a crowded marketplace. It really separates the service Boost Mobile provides for some of our competitors.”

How Dish upgrades the device setup experience with Aura’s out of the box experience

“It’s giving users, at the micro level, a customized message and a customized feed of applications, and optimizing there.”

How Dish creates a more valuable experience for its 8M customers with ironSource Aura

“At the end of the day the true product is what the customer sees, what do they feel when they use the out of the box experience setting up their phone.”

How Dish fulfills the expectations of its executives with the comprehensive Aura platform

“When I think about the expectations for my team and the expectations from our executives at Dish, the expectation is to be a jedi, the master of your craft. The ironSource Aura product allows us to do that.”
Working with Aura

Integrated on more than 1 billion devices and in partnership with the world’s leading manufacturers and carriers, ironSource Aura is the market standard for creating a richer device experience, incorporating relevant app and service recommendations to engage users throughout the lifecycle of the device.

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