How can I submit a customer support request for an offerwall ad?

Open the app where you first engaged with the offer. Be sure to use the same device.

Go back to the in-app store where you saw the offerwall (typically called “Free Offers”, “Earn Coins” or something similar)

Click the three menu lines in the top left corner (sometimes called the “hamburger menu”)

Tap on the “Reward Status” option on the left and you will see 3 headings: Ongoing, Rewarded and Expired. Tap on each till you see the offer you took part in listed

Click on the offer you are missing rewards for and click the red ‘Request Support’ button

For users submitting a ticket for an offer with multiple tasks/levels, select the task or level you are missing rewards for.

Please complete the form with your email address and a description of your request as well as proof of your eligibility for a reward. Please be sure to use a working email address as it will be validated in the process of providing support.

Once submitted you’ll get an email notification with your case number, following validation of your email address (if needed).

If you are unable to submit a ticket for any reason,
please contact us via our FAQ form and we would be happy to assist.