My reward was denied because I reset my deviced ID too many times. What does this mean?

While there are legitimate reasons to reset your device identifier (also known as the advertising identifier), resetting it in order to access offers you are not otherwise eligible for is against Tapjoy’s User Terms of Service. A user who does this is essentially presenting themselves as a new user, when they really aren’t. If we detect suspicious device identifier resetting activity on your account, your click will be blocked and flagged for review by our Risk Management team. Repeat offenders risk being permanently suspended from Tapjoy’s services.

I’m not sure how I reset my deviceID in the first place.

Both Android and iOS offer the option to reset your device identifier. This can be done by either selecting ‘Reset Advertising ID’ under your settings (Settings > Privacy on iOS and Settings > Google > Ads on Android) or turning Limit Ad Tracking (LAT)* on and off. Toggling LAT on and off will generate a new advertising/deviceID for you in our system. If we detect that this occurs multiple times, the activity will be flagged for review. However, simply leaving LAT on or off will NOT trigger an advertising/deviceID reset. This option is advisable if you don’t need to reset your ID multiple times for other reasons.

*’Opt out of Ads Personalization’ on Android