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How Playtika and Supersonic manage their cross promotion strategies

50 min

What's in the webinar?

How Playtika and Supersonic set up and build their cross promotion strategies

Segmentation strategies for cross promotion

How to decide which games to cross promote

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About the speakers

Mishka Katkoff

Founder at Deconstructor of Fun

Michail Katkoff is a CEO and founder of Savage Game Studios. He's a games professional who has been building free-to-play games and leading kick-ass game teams at some of the most prominent publishers in the industry.Michail is also know as the founder of the highly popular Deconstructor of Fun blog and a podcast. Beyond comprehensive breakdowns, Michail offers also marketing wisdom that keeps an eye on the key platforms exploring the economics of gaming success.

Igor Bereslavski

Director of Growth at Supersonic

Igor Bereslavski is the Director of Growth at Supersonic. Previously, he advised top hyper-casual publishers such as Moonee and Playgendary on user acquisition and monetization, leading their go-to-market strategies. He also held several positions at ironSource, the last being the Strategic Partnerships Manager for the CIE region, focusing on customized user acquisition and ad monetization for hyper-casual.

Yuval Yosefi

Media Department Lead at Playtika

Yuval Yosefi is the Media Department Lead at Playtika. Yuval joined Playtika over 4 years ago, building her way up through user acquisition and ad monetization roles. Yuval developed the cross promotion activities across the entire Playtika game portfolio and formed the first cross promotion team. Today Yuval and her teams oversee all media forms of performance marketing, including cross promotion.

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