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As the #1 producer of Spanish-language scripted content in the United States, Telemundo reaches 94% of Spanish-speaking viewers in 210 markets through 30 local stations, 50 affiliates, and its national feed. Telemundo’s original programming is syndicated in over 100 countries and translated to over 35 different languages. In October 2020, the network set out to launch El Domo Del Dinero, a new reality competition show in which 20 contestants put their strength and endurance to the test for the chance to win $500,000.

Although Telemundo is a well-known and recognizable brand, launching El Domo Del Dinero meant driving awareness around a completely new title. Meanwhile, the launch coincided with the height of pandemic lockdowns, when viewers were inundated with new shows and streaming services, and many were already experiencing screen fatigue. Telemundo’s agency, Spark Foundry, set out to find a unique ad format that could engage viewers and capture their attention. They had explored TAPJOY’S INTERACTIVE END CARD options for previous shows that were postponed due to the pandemic, so they were excited to have a chance to put the format to use for El Domo Del Dinero.

2.3 million

Views in 2 weeks


Video completion rate


Clickthrough rate - nearly 3x benchmarkto

Climbing above the fray to drive maximum awareness

Spark Foundry’s primary goal was to use Interactive End Cards to drive maximum awareness around the launch of El Domo Del Dinero. The show’s tagline, “Fighting for money has never been this much fun,” demonstrates the program’s lively and spirited tone. But while the team wanted to focus on fun to drive maximum awareness, their relevance and brand safety concerns called for targeted placements aligned with Telemundo’s standards.

The launch also took place in the fall of 2020, when cold winter months were quickly approaching and frightening pandemic projections dominated the airwaves. As the viewing public braced for more lockdown restrictions and prepared for an indefinite period in front of their screens, one of Spark Foundry’s key challenges was to cut through the noise of the saturated and gloomy media landscape. How could Telemundo leverage the playability and fun nature of IECs to capture attention and inspire engagement within this consumer climate?

“Launching a new reality television show during COVID came with many challenges, including the need to maximize ad spend through relevance and preserve brand safety first and foremost.”

- Claudia Chagui, SVP, Marketing & Creative, NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises

Interactive end cards boost Domo Del Dinero to the top

Telemundo turned to Tapjoy’s mobile growth experts to create a Video to Interactive End Card campaign that would drive awareness around the launch of El Domo Del Dinero among target consumers using brand-safe apps. Tapjoy’s creative team, Interplay Studio™, developed a creative strategy featuring a variety of interactive ad concepts that would encourage play and capture the spirit of the new show. Ultimately, the team landed on a climbing game that had users tap to help their character scale a rock wall. Upon reaching the top, users were shown a CTA to “tune in” by clicking out to the dedicated El Domo Del Dinero information page on the Telemundo website.

In order to balance Telemundo’s concerns about relevance and brand safety, the Tapjoy team limited the campaign’s targeting to devices set to Spanish and optimized placements for users between the ages of 18 and 50. At the same time, Tapjoy prepared a custom brand-safe allow list of apps that were not associated with violence or mature content.

Because Spark Foundry was particularly interested in Video to Interactive End Cards, the Tapjoy team tested 15 and 30-second versions of the IEC-paired video throughout the flight. Using the videos supplied by Spark Foundry and Telemundo, Tapjoy planned four unique placements across the campaign’s two-week span: lead-up time, the day before launch, tune in today, and post-premiere creative.

Once the campaign was running, they optimized the deployment by emphasizing publisher apps that showed the strongest engagement and highest clicks from users. Tying pricing to completed views leveraged the inherent added value engagement tactics of Interactive End Card campaigns to drive awareness even further.

Strong engagement drives awareness and achieves brand lift

The launch campaign inspired impressive results within a highly concentrated time frame. In just two weeks, the Video to Interactive End Card campaign received 2.3 million views. That targeted reach ensured that Telemundo’s message and the El Domo Del Dinero campaign would be seen by the intended audience throughout the United States. Such high viewership shows that the campaign successfully capitalized on consumers’ reliance on their devices and screens for entertainment during the pandemic.

The campaign’s average video completion rate of 96% — above Tapjoy’s VCR benchmark of 90% — demonstrated that the video helped Telemundo connect with its audience landscape during the pandemic. The IEC reached the right viewers at the right time, and the video resonated strongly enough to keep them engaged through to the end. The campaign also beat Tapjoy’s 1-2% clickthrough rate benchmark by almost 4 times — on average, 4.2% of viewers clicked to tune in to the premiere of El Domo Del Dinero and learn more about the show.

“Tapjoy’s Video to Interactive End Cards were definitely the right format for our launch campaign. The team understood how to leverage playable ads to capture viewers’ attention and the spirit of El Domo Del Dinero.”

-  Jany Borges, Senior Director, Media Strategy, NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises

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