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Be the first app install on millions of brand new Samsung Galaxy S21s
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Showcase your app on the Samsung S21 with Aura

Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S21 launch is set to bring millions of new, high-end device owners to the market. Be part of one of the industry’s biggest device launches to date. Partner with Aura to make sure your app is the first one installed.

Millions of S21s
are coming your way

Recommend your app during device onboarding

Aura spotlights your app from the get-go, allowing users to choose to install your app while setting up their new S21s. Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, Aura places your app in front of relevant users.

Promote your app to new, targeted audiences

Timing is everything. Aura sends customized notifications to relevant S21 users when they are most engaged and looking to install new apps.

Re-engage users with timely promos

Aura nudges your app’s users to re-engage with promotions which can be based around interests, location, or device.

Bring the Aura experience to your devices