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What is mobile advertising?

In 2016, there were 2.5 billion smartphones worldwide. Today, there are 1 billion more than that, putting us at 3.5 billion. In a world dominated by smart mobile devices, mobile advertising has become an effective way to reach an audience.

Mobile advertising is any form of advertising that appears on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Advertisers use a wide range of ad types to showcase their product on mobile devices, including text ads via SMS and directly on the device through ironSource’s Aura.

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Types of mobile advertising

Mobile ad networks

Mobile ad networks are a platform where app publishers sell, and app advertisers buy ad space. By the end of 2022, the number of mobile app downloads via mobile ad networks will reach 258 billion. Running on mobile ad networks offers advertisers access to a large mobile app market and a highly engaged audience.

OEMs and carriers

Aura is a platform that is innovating the OEM and carrier advertising channel and leveraging the unique assets that they provide – improved targeting and direct smartphone access. Aura is connected to many of the major OEMs and carriers and connects mobile advertisers with more than 130 million users across more than 45 countries, letting them advertise directly on devices.

The future of mobile advertising

Aura is always innovating new ad placements and touchpoints, such as the new device update experience which uses consumer data to offer app recommendations for existing devices with OS and software updates.

Apart from the innovations in OEMs and carriers, mobile advertising is beginning to look beyond visual opportunities. In fact, listening to content is a key driver for users in 2020. Podcasts and video content are a valuable place to begin advertising on mobile as well.

As consumers are beginning to pay attention to AR and VR, forward thinking marketers are using digital and immersive mobile advertising to bring value to their products – AR adds a digital element to a live view and VR provides an immersive experience.

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