Mobile app promotion is a key part of marketing an app successfully, especially in an ecosystem with more than 2 million apps available in the store. Here are a few new and noteworthy mobile app promotion strategies to help app advertisers reach benchmarks and KPIs.

How to promote your mobile app with Aura

Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

Aura’s app promotion efforts, that put your app in front of millions of users every day, begin when the device is taken out of the box. OOBE is an onboarding experience in which apps and services are recommended to users the first time they turn on their device, when they are most likely to engage. Aura spotlights your app from the get-go through AI and machine learning that targets the most relevant users who are most likely to download.

Dynamic preload

With the help of a smart optimization algorithm, Aura dynamically preloads apps on millions of relevant new devices during activation. The customized experience ensures that the app is being promoted to users that will likely engage. To promote the app even further, a personalized notification is sent to the user if the app is not opened during a designated time frame.

Smart notifications

Aura takes note of the times when users are most engaged and sends customized notifications to open an app or download a new app at those prime moments. The smart notifications feel native and natural to the device without interrupting the user which improves UA efforts and increases likelihood to engage.

Mobile app promotion strategies

Be the first app on the device

With 95% of users installing apps in the first 48 hours of owning a device, being the first download is vital to your app promotion strategy. You can use Aura to get in front of millions of users the first time they open their device by being a recommended app during the device onboarding experience, and even dynamically preloaded on the devices of relevant users.

Reduce friction

You don’t want to give users any reason to not download your app. Promote your app in a way that will increase downloads by giving users a smooth download experience. You can localize your app by adding foreign languages to broaden your net and reduce friction across geos. Or advertise through OEMs and carriers which has a shorter funnel and fewer points of friction along the way to install compared to ad networks.

Launch on multiple channels

It’s important to promote your app in as many places as possible to reach a large group of people. While traditional ad sources, such as social media and email marketing, are free and improve UA efforts, they’re also limiting. Turn to paid advertising such as the usual mobile ad networks, and be partner with technology channels that distribute apps via OEM and carrier partnerships.

Find your target audience

You want to promote your app to users who are likely to engage and download. Services that provide access to your niche demographic and know the ins and outs of consumers, like App Annie, are a good place to research other apps and discover what your target audience should be. You can also work with technology partners that use AI machine learning to reach relevant users.

Promote your app with Aura