As an app advertiser, it’s important to always be looking for new channels to drive app downloads and expand your user base. ironSource Aura is an untapped supply channel that reaches users directly on devices and throughout the device lifecycle. Deeply integrated into a user’s mobile device experience through partnerships with leading OEMs and carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, Orange, and Huawei, Aura allows app advertisers to reach millions of users at moments when they’re primed to download.

How to get app downloads with Aura

Out of Box Experience (OOBE)

OOBE is an onboarding experience in which apps and services are recommended to users the first time they turn on their device. 95% of users install apps in the first 48 hours of owning a device and Aura gives advertisers the chance to take pride of place at that moment. Through categorical and device targeting powered by AI and machine learning, Aura delivers the most relevant content to users during their very first interaction with their device, when they are most engaged.

Dynamic Preload

Aura drives downloads by dynamically preloading apps on millions of relevant new devices and leveraging a smart optimization algorithm to ensure a customized experience for the user. This occurs as soon as the user purchases a new device and begins the activation process. During activation, the app is downloaded and placed on the user’s home screen. If an app is not opened within the defined time frame, a personalized notification, A/B tested and optimized for performance, is sent to the user to encourage the first app open.

Smart notifications

Aura recognizes that timing is vital in order to drive app downloads. The platform sends customized notifications to relevant users when they are most engaged and looking to install new apps. Unlike other ads which may interrupt users, smart notifications are native to the device experience and feel natural to users who choose to install the apps they want and need at moments they need them.

How to increase and drive app downloads

ASO is always important

Your app store page is an important part of the UA funnel because it can increase downloads, CVR, and IPM. You can approach alternative app store markets to find the right mix of traffic channels, study up on ASO best practices and competition, and test creatives often in order to drive app downloads and minimize risk.

Build a community

Becoming active in community outreach will help you find the right audience and create an adoring fanbase. A social media and web presence will give you credibility and drive engagement. You can also submit your app to various directories and forums to attract users and drive app downloads.

Win the press

Information and exposure is everything. A press kit makes it easy for people to find information about your app in one centralized location. Once you have a press kit, you can pitch your app to reporters to score articles from relevant publications.

Know your audience

In order to drive app downloads, you have to know what you’re working with. A soft launch allows you to test your app in smaller countries which demonstrate similar app trends. If people are enjoying one of your apps, they are likely to download your others, so try cross-promoting to drive app downloads.

How many app downloads can I expect?

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Active GEOs

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travel app

Run rate of installs
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