Mobile device lifecycle management

One solution. Endless optimization

Constantly improve the device experience with powerful automated optimization tools that maximize user engagement and conversion

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Improve your NPS and customer satisfaction

Dynamic and contextualized device experiences engage users, increasing NPS and reducing churn

Delight your customers with tailor-made experiences

Give each customer a device experience to remember with valuable content optimized for their engagement

Increase revenue from each device

Leverage machine learning to consistently serve content and experiences that maximize customer engagement and device revenue

Experience optimizer

Create a device experience that keeps getting better

Create the best device experience for each one of your customers by automatically running thousands of A/B tests per day. Responsible for adjusting features like the color and format of each touchpoint, the experience optimizer consistently improves results in real-time with deep machine learning algorithms.

Content optimizer

Treat customers to content they’ll love

Improve the user experience and increase conversion rates with an AI-powered content optimizer that automatically places the highest-performing content, app, or service within a touchpoint – using customer opt-in data to dynamically power the content recommendations.

How it works

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