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With Aura from Unity’s mobile app distribution platform, your app takes pride of place in front of millions of users every day, first when they’re setting up their new devices, and then throughout the device lifecycle.

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Be the first device install

95% of users install apps in the first 48 hours of owning a device. Aura gives you the chance to take pride of place at that moment.

Prime position on premium placements

Aura connects app developers with more than 1 billion devices across more than 80 countries, through its partnerships with premium manufacturers and carriers like Samsung, Boost Mobile, and more.

Find the right users

Our mobile app distribution platform uses a proprietary AI algorithm and a unique set of parameters to place you in front of relevant users who will love your app.

Measure campaign performance

Measure performance like any other UA channel by syncing Aura with your mobile measurement platform. Aura is a completely transparent app distribution platform – reporting on campaign metrics like impressions and clicks – and fully integrated with all major MMPs, including Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, and more.

App distribution platform touchpoints

“Reaching users directly via their devices – rather than their social media feeds – adds an element of trust to our product.”

Trang Dao

VP Growth at Atom Finance

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