A smart engagement solution for smart TVs

Smart TVs are about to get even smarter with Aura TV, the world’s first mobile engagement solution for smart TVs. Aura TV empowers TV providers to pack more punch into the TV experience to drive more engagement and provide more value to customers.

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What you get with
Aura TV

Make it your own

Aura lets pay TV providers customize the product, including the welcome screen and channels, to better fit the needs of your customers – giving you a dedicated channel to drive engagement and encourage customers to learn more.

Fully managed service

When you sign on with Aura TV, you’re signing on to a full service platform that covers setup, integration, management, and tracking and reporting – ensuring a unified experience for your customers.

UX that is enjoyable for users

Aura TV lets pay TV providers monetize customers without compromising on customer experience. Aura offers attractive visuals that will make learning about your service more enjoyable and, ultimately, fun.

Robust platform

With our existing device manufacturer and carrier partnerships from top companies around the world, Aura brings the unique and valuable touchpoints from mobile devices to TVs everywhere.

How to reap the benefits of Aura TV


Aura TV enables customers to customize their TVs with their prefered apps when they’re first setting up their new appliance – a time when they’re most engaged.


Aura TV offers a greater level of connection and experience for customers – providing partners with a unique way to interact with them. Customers connect their TVs to their phones so they can get tailored recommendations and enjoy a seamless experience between the two devices.


TV is meant to be enjoyed. Aura TV optimizes the customer experience by tailoring content to the specific customer – coming pre-built with a selection of channels, such as, recommended apps and recommended games.

The smart features

Smart pairing

Compatible with both Android and iOS, the pairing capability allows customers to pair their mobile devices with their smart TVs for a curated and enjoyable experience.

Smart notifications

Rich and dynamic notifications promote content, apps and services in a curated and personalized way.

Smart screensaver

Aura’s interactive screens can be customized with breaking news, a photo reel, connected content, promo and brand videos, and more.

Smart channels

Primetime channels feature videos and customized experiences that allow customers to discover new personalized content for their TVs.

Bring the Aura experience to your devices