Mobile and app performance marketing

What is performance-based marketing?

Performance marketing is highly data-driven, measuring everything from the cost of acquisition to incrementality. With performance marketing, payment is based on variable prices that depend on the actual performance of the campaign. Due to high barriers to entry and saturation in the current advertising ecosystem, app advertisers are increasingly turning to performance-focused platforms with lower barriers to entry to scale their user acquisition. Aura is one such platform – completely transparent that is performance-based and enables app marketers to showcase their apps on OEM and carrier traffic to relevant, targeted users

Brand vs performance marketing

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Performance marketing

What you get running performance marketing campaigns on Aura

Optimize campaigns towards KPIs

Aura is data-focused, which means KPIs are highly valued. Developers can choose a KPI, like ROAS, purchases, or first ride, and optimize the campaign towards that goal. Running campaigns with Aura, advertisers can hit the KPIs they choose, and focus on the metrics they believe to be vital for their app UA.

Track results on advertiser dashboard

Measure performance like any other UA channel by syncing Aura with your mobile measurement platform. Aura’s content and experience management system offers advertisers with an analytic dashboard to enable ongoing transparency and monitoring.

Measure performance on all leading MMPs

Aura’s performance metrics are fully integrated with all major MMPs, including Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, and more. This ensures that your data is fully accurate and up-to-date so that you can track your performance as often and whenever you please.

Target segmentations

Aura uses a proprietary AI algorithm and a unique set of parameters to place your app in front of relevant users. After completing the on boarding experience, Aura dynamically adjusts the screen and ad units to best fit the user.

Apply dynamic bidding

Optimizing performance means paying attention to each app individually. This includes bidding differently for every app and taking into account its specific attributes and features.

A/B testing creatives

In order to optimize performance, the goal is to find what works and what doesn’t, and A/B testing plays a big part in that. With Aura, marketers can run varying fullscreen creatives that target different gdemographics as well as test two different ad placements, for example during the setup wizard of a new device versus a notification at a certain point in the device’s lifecycle.

Examples of performance marketing on Aura


A popular shopping app that sells quality goods at discounted rates was looking to acquire new users globally and efficiently, with ROAS based goals.


Despite varying local shopping trends, it was difficult for the shopping app to acquire new engaged shopping users across multiple markets and still meet each market’s Day 30 ROAS goal. The app also had limited access for bidding efficiently across multiple sources.


The app turned to Aura to launching multiple campaigns with different targeting segmentations, while applying dynamic bidding to maximize scale and exposure to sensure ROAS goals were met. Aura optimized the campaigns frequently according to varying global holiday/shopping trends.

Types of mobile performance marketing with Aura

CPI: Cost per install

App advertisers pay each time a user installs their app from their ad. Overall, the average global CPI is $2.24, when taking every region, platform, and device into consideration.

CPA: Cost per action

App advertisers choose a post-install action to measure, and only pay for users who engage in that action. Advertisers set the action to whatever they’d like, for example, signing up for a free trial, registering for a free download, buying a product, etc.

CPD: Cost per download

Since Aura has control and full visibility into the download funnel, advertisers pay once the install actually happens and not at first app open, like with CPI.

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