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Case Study
Critical Force moves all traffic to ironSource offerwall after achieving $ 232 eCPM
Critical Force, Critical Ops
Critical Force is a Finnish mobile game company that specializes in online shooter games. Their latest title, Critical O…
Case Study
King leverages the ironSource optimizer to increase ROAS and boost installs for Candy Crush Saga
King, Candy Crush Saga
King is among the world’s leading interactive entertainment companies, with over 200 mobile apps and 249 million month…
The app marketer’s guide to working with a mobile ad network
Frank Dawson
In comparison to their gaming counterparts, not many app advertisers have started working with ad networks, which makes …
Best practices for maximizing revenue from interstitial ads in your app
Reuben Lewis
Apps attract all kinds of users - some might play for weeks and engage with all the content features, while some might j…
What I wish I knew when getting started with mobile game monetization
Bozo JankovicGameBiz Consulting
In the fourth episode of “What I Wish I Knew When...”, our series for indie developers, Melissa Zeloof is joined by …
Case Study
How My Town Games grew into a robust business with ironSource mediation and LevelPlay in-app bidding
My Town Games, Home DollHouse
Since 2014, My Town has been creating digital open-world dollhouse mobile games for children, and has grown into one of …
Case Study
Video sharing app Likee increases installs 30% with ironSource’s Playworks Studio
Bigo, Likee
Likee is a prominent video sharing app published by the Singapore-based company, Bigo. Operating in a highly competitive…
5 A/B tests you should run to increase your revenue
Reuben Lewis
A/B testing is a core part of any successful developer's monetization playbook. To improve your KPIs, you should test ju…