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Mobile Game Monetization

Mobile game monetization

How do you monetize a game app?

Building your mobile game monetization model is a means by which app developers generate revenue. There are various forms of app monetization, including in-app ads, in-app purchases, one-time payments, and subscriptions. ironSource offers a mobile game monetization solution helping developers drive maximum revenue to their app, while boosting user engagement and retention.

Trending mobile game monetization strategies in 2019

With so many mobile game monetization strategies to choose from, here are the most effective in 2019. In-app advertising is still the number one strategy, earning revenue from free apps by serving video ads, offerwalls, banners, playables and more. In addition, developers can monetize with in-app purchases, subscriptions and paywalls, sponsorship and partnerships, and data monetization. Utilize these strategies for mobile monetization to turn your app into a constant source of revenue.

Mobile game statistics: How much does the average game make

Mobile gaming is worth $50 billion, accounting for 51% of global revenues in the gaming industry. According to a multiyear study from Apptopia, the top 50 grossing games earn below $50,000 a day, unless on the list’s top 25. Thanks to in-app purchases, the top 5 games averaged $750,000 per day, with the next 5 averaging $340,000 per day. Followed by $95,00 per day for games 11 through 25, and $47,000 for games 26 through 50. Not to mention, advertising revenue also accounts for an increasingly large portion of mobile game revenue, with 56% in casual games, according to a recent report from AppsFlyer.

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