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Mobile CPA

Mobile CPA: Marketing, networks, offers and More

What is mobile CPA?

Mobile CPA is a pricing model used in mobile marketing and user acquisition campaigns that stands for Cost Per Action. Running with this pricing model, advertisers choose a post-install action to measure and only pay for users who complete that action - for example, registering, making a first purchase, reaching a certain level, or signing up for a free trial.

Mobile CPA marketing and how it works

In a mobile CPA marketing campaign, in order to count as a conversion, users must see the advertiser’s mobile ad, install the app, and complete the action. Mobile CPA marketing is an excellent strategy for acquiring high quality users cost-effectively, since advertisers only pay for users who reach a carefully chosen point in the app experience post-install.

Mobile CPA networks

There are many mobile ad sources that allow advertisers to run their campaigns on a CPA basis, including mobile ad networks like ironSource and OEM and carrier distribution platforms like Aura. It’s important to make sure that before agreeing to run your traffic through an ad source, you check that they support mobile CPA as a payment model.

What is a CPA offer?

A CPA offer is any post-install event that a user must complete in order to be considered as a conversion within an advertiser’s campaign - for example, app registration and first purchase. It’s important to choose the right CPA offer for your campaign, one that is not too deep in the app lifecycle that users won’t reach it, but not too shallow that the users end up being irrelevant and uninstalling right after. Be sure to run multiple CPA offers and test their performance, in order to pinpoint the most high-performing one.

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