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Mobile App Engagement

What is mobile app engagement

Mobile app engagement measures the degree of user interaction with an app. For example, high mobile app engagement means users are in-app for long periods of time. Understanding your mobile app engagement gives you good insight into how to improve functionality, retain a loyal user base, and optimize monetization strategy.

Setting up your mobile app engagement campaign

The key to a good mobile app engagement campaign is being able to balance quality and scale. Cost per engagement (CPE) is a pricing model in which app advertisers choose a post-install event and only pay for users who engage in that specific event: such as, playing the game once or reaching Level 5. With a CPE campaign, app advertisers ensure that users will engage with critical events within the app, making it a crucial factor for setting up mobile app engagement.

Mobile app engagement metrics

  • Average session duration - How long your average user will spend on your app within one session
  • Session interval - The time-span between one app session and the next
  • Retention rate - How loyal your user base is over a longer period of time
  • Churn rate - How many users uninstalled your app
  • App rating - The average rating your users grant your app

How to increase mobile app engagement

  • Smooth onboarding - You want your users to feel comfortable and informed when trying your app, especially for the first time. Try guiding your users screen-by-screen and give clear instructions.
  • Maintain a frequent stream of new content and features - Use the app’s reviews and ratings to continuously improve and update your app according to what the user wants.
  • Build customized funnels based on user segments - Divide an app’s user base into groups based on their behaviors and demographics. Doing this will allow you to customize the user’s experience.
  • Acquire users with Aura - Aura drives app engagement by reaching users at all stages of the device lifecycle. When users download apps during device activation, they are doing so because they expect to need the app in the future - meaning Aura hits these users at a prime moment for long term engagement. Aura also sends customized notifications at relevant times for the user throughout the device’s lifecycle to drive engagement.
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