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Mobile Ad Viewability

Mobile in-app ad viewability

What is mobile ad viewability?

Mobile ad viewability is the percentage of impressions in which 50% of the ad was in view for a minimum of 1 second for display ads, and 2 seconds for video ads, as defined by the IAB and the Media Rating Council. It is a key metric for mobile advertising campaigns, as it gives mobile marketers a clearer picture of their campaign performance and the quality of their ad sources.

Mobile ad and in-app viewability is especially important for brand advertisers who run CPM campaigns and want to ensure that their ads were seen by real people.

mobile in-app viewability

How to measure in-app viewability and viewability metrics

Mobile marketers can measure in-app viewability and see viewability metrics on their attribution dashboards or the dashboards of the ad sources they are running with, if available. For an ad to count as viewable, the MRC states that the ad must reach a minimum time requirement and pixel requirement.

In order for advertisers to accurately measure mobile ad viewability, the publisher must integrate a measurement vendor’s SDK. To circumvent this obstacle, the IAB open sourced its measurement SDK, allowing app publishers to adopt a single standardized SDK instead of one for each measurement company.

Setting benchmarks and improving your viewability rate with ironSource Aura

Mobile ad viewability inside apps is a major concern for brand advertisers, whose fear of in-app fraud was ranked as a key challenge according to eMarketer. Because Aura serves ads directly on the device and at key touchpoints throughout the device lifecycle, in-app viewability is a non-issue. Aura’s ad units, including full screen offers, smart notifications, and the setup wizard, guarantees 100% viewability.

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