Case Study

Since its founding in 2007, Product Madness has grown into a leader in social casino games. Their hit, Heart of Vegas, has been a top-grossing game on Facebook since its launch in 2013, and their portfolio of popular social casino games continues to grow. With creatives at the heart of their UA strategy, the Product Madness growth team searched for a solution to build, test, and optimize creatives across networks more efficiently and easily. Here, Jenna Wienbar, UA Creative Manager at Product Madness, discusses her experience using ironSource Luna to increase their creative output and improve their concept-testing capacity to improve performance.

Breaking free of creative limitations

Before Luna, we used a creative solution that was based mostly on templates - this limited our ability to test and produce many iterations. We also had to manually publish the ads we built onto each UA channel, which took a lot of time and resource away from focusing on designing and optimizing the creatives themselves.

We wanted a creative solution that gave us more design freedom while remaining simple and easy for anyone on our team to use. Also, expanding our customization capabilities would improve our concept testing and creative production speed, which would boost performance. ironSource Luna offered this versatility.

Hiring a developer to maximize output

Hiring a Unity developer helped us increase creative production and utilize the full feature set of Luna Create. In the past, producing playables was time-consuming and expensive - but having a developer in-house who’s trained to use Luna’s platform made the process of designing these types of creatives faster, more affordable, and more efficient.

"Having a developer in-house who’s trained to use Luna’s platform made the process of designing playable ads faster, more affordable, and more efficient."

- Jenna Wienbar, UA Creative Manager at Product Madness

Now we’re testing more iterations and finding our hero creative more quickly than before. In fact, we saw our speed and creative performance improve even further once the Luna team began holding sessions with our developer, guiding them through the platform from the get-go and providing best practices and feedback. 

Scaling up with Elements

At the same time our developer used Luna Playable for playable ad production, our user acquisition and creative teams used Elements to produce interactive end cards (IECs). With this tool, they turned top-performing video creatives into engaging IECs quickly and easily - this made interactive creative production more accessible to the entire team and increased creative output overnight.

The Luna team guided us on best practices using their platform - and even helped with ideation and concept testing. For example, we shared performance results from the Elements-built IECs, and the Luna team used these metrics to provide feedback and identify what worked. With these tips and full transparency into our creative data, we were empowered to improve our decision-making and creative process. 

Using one platform for creative production and management

Luna Create gives us all the tools we need to build, manage, and optimize our creatives in one place. Before Luna, this process was manual and time-consuming, which limited our creative production and concept testing capacity. Now, we can test and build more creatives while keeping it all in-house - and export them to any UA channel we want in a single click.

"The Luna team held sessions with our team and provided their expert insights to help us get the most out of our creative strategy and improve performance."

- Jenna Wienbar, UA Creative Manager at Product Madness

The Luna team was incredibly supportive and helpful along the entire way - from onboarding to optimization. They held sessions to get our team acquainted with their entire product suite and provided their expert insights to help us get the most out of our creative strategy and improve performance. We’re looking forward to continuing to use Luna to design creatives and optimize our strategy while continuing to scale up production and testing.


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