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Luxurious, restful sleep on quality bedding that doesn’t cost a fortune — that’s the vision founders Denver Rayburn and Ishaan Jalan had when starting Looma. Since then, the company has made a name for itself as a provider of soft, comfy sheets made with materials sourced directly from independent farmers, maintaining an ethical & eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Looma has worked with Tapjoy since its launch in June 2019. It’s seen impressive growth in just 11 months, despite a hyper-competitive market. Using the Tapjoy Offerwall, fixed CPA campaigns, and gallery instructions, founders Denver and Ishaan were determined to take their organic, fair-trade bedding business to the next level.


The Looma team hopes to optimize its CPA offers first for quality, then scale. To achieve this goal, they needed to gain a better understanding of the analytics from Tapjoy’s platform. One of Tapjoy’s mobile growth experts conducted a full-scope analytics audit. Before long, Denver was receiving daily breakdowns by campaign regarding views, clicks, conversions, and other critical metrics.

According to Denver, that personal, collaborative approach put Tapjoy head and shoulders above the other advertising agencies Looma has worked with. Once Denver had a solid grasp on how to analyze the data that Tapjoy was providing, he understood how to hone in on more specific goals, like driving first-time purchases.


With Tapjoy’s low-risk CPA campaigns and one-on-one approach to collaborative marketing, Looma saw some significant results. As a new DTC brand on the scene, the massive reach of Tapjoy’s audience made a significant impact on brand awareness at the upfront. So much so, that the business saw a 30% increase in first-time purchases and 25% increase in revenue MoM. Having established a strong foundation for growth from launch–Looma quickly scaled its brand awareness, customer acquisition and LTV, making Tapjoy one of its most powerful channels.


Increase in first-time purchases


Increase in revenue month-over-month


Increase in customer retention

“As a founder, you’re always looking to work with a company that has a vested interest in your success. Of all the account reps from various agencies, Tapjoy is our most collaborative relationship. We can’t praise the team enough.”

- Denver Rayburn, Founder, Looma

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