Case Study

Amanotes is the number 1 app publisher from Southeast Asia in 2019, recently reaching 1B downloads. 

Their portfolio of games includes Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop and more. 

The challenge

Amanotes was using an ad mediation solution to centralize multiple ad networks into one platform. But their mediation partner had a complex waterfall management system that required more manual work than the Amanotes team had time for, resulting in inefficient optimization.

Amanotes was looking for a new mediation provider with an easy-to-manage waterfall system, that would ultimately save them time and increase ad revenue, so they could focus on developing games.


  • Boost eCPMs
  • Save time managing the waterfall
  • Maximize platform efficiency
The solution

Amanotes decided to switch to the ironSource mediation platform. The ironSource platform provided Amanotes with exactly what they were looking for - a solution that auto-optimizes the waterfall based on each network’s performance while still allowing Amanotes the option to manage it manually.

“Our spectacular growth can be attributed to multiple factors, but moving to ironSource’s mediation platform really helped us maximize the revenue potential of our increased traffic.”

-Robert Vu, Head of Publishing at Amanotes

The algorithm that powers ironSource’s auto-optimization feature considers each network’s historical eCPM on the app, country and ad unit level, to build a dynamic waterfall which is updated on a daily basis.

Utilizing this algorithm, the ironSource platform is able to place the best-performing ad networks at the top of the waterfall, ensuring that the first ad network in the waterfall is always the one delivering the most revenue.

The results

The auto-optimization algorithm rearranged Amanotes’ waterfall each day according to which ad network was offering the highest eCPMs.   

“As a top publisher, Amanotes will be rolling out several quality games with a large amount of traffic in the near future - and when the time comes, we’ll turn to ironSource to help us monetize it.”

-Robert Vu, Head of Publishing at Amanotes

Amanotes was able to increase eCPMs by 30% to 50% by switching to the ironSource mediation platform.



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