Unity is excited to announce Daily Rewards - a new and unique offering for advertisers on its Offerwall product, Tapjoy from Unity. 

Offerwall, a rewarded marketplace, is widely used by advertisers looking for a user acquisition channel with strong ROAS performance that drives high quality, loyal users. Daily Rewards, the newly-launched campaign type, gives users rewards for every task they complete in an app, such as finishing a level or winning a battle, encouraging users to return to the app each day to earn more rewards as they progress further in the game.

The daily nature of the rewards is a good fit for audiences that prefer short challenges with fast and frequent rewards. It maintains the precision of an event-based optimization model, promoting user engagement, supporting player loyalty, and driving long-term value for the advertiser.

Summary of Daily Rewards benefits for mobile game advertisers:

  • Increases conversion rates by offering shorter, quicker and more frequent rewards, well suited to the preferences of players across a wide range of game genres. 
  • Drives higher ROAS by capping the number of Daily Rewards that a player can receive, thereby incentivizing players to return daily to the Offerwall and spend more time in the advertiser’s game.
  • Allows for easy bid management - advertisers simply set a maximum bid to be paid if a user completes the final event in the funnel.

Daily Rewards also benefits the app publishers that monetize with the Offerwall, by engaging a new segment of players who respond better to more frequent, daily rewards. Apps utilizing Daily Rewards in beta have, on average, shown a 6% increase in unique daily users converting on an offer.

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