ironSource’s story is one of exponential growth
We grew from a small startup in 2010 to a public company with 2.3 billion active users in 2021 to be a part of the largest game development platform in the world today.
That growth is a reflection of our team. Giving our people the opportunity to grow apps, careers, and themselves propels the entire business forward. Do what you love and bring your best self to work each day.

Ariel Negrin, Senior BI Developer

“What I appreciate the most about ironSource is the fact that on one hand, it’s an established and experienced organization with a ton of resources, and on the other, it still manages to keep a ‘startup state of mind’. As a BI developer, I work with high-scale systems, learn from my highly experienced colleagues, and still bring my own insights and skills to make an impact in the company.”

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Melissa Jensen, Senior Sales Director

“They say you are the company you keep, and I’m surrounded by smart, kind, and motivated people at ironSource who inspire me to be better. ironSource understands that we are all human with lives outside of work. That understanding motivates us all to work hard towards our common goal, learn, and celebrate our successes as a team.”

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Wendy Chen, Account Management Team Lead

“I started working at ironSource with very limited knowledge of the industry, but there are training sessions designed to get you up to speed. Everyone at the company (regardless of whether they are on my direct team or not) is incredibly generous and willing to answer any questions you may have.”

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Audai Shmalih, Software Developer

“ironSource spotted my potential and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to grow and fulfill it. I’ve been handed new and exciting responsibilities that push me to learn new technologies and expand my tech stack constantly. On a more personal note, I’ve expanded my social network and met great people that have become close friends of mine.”

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Karin Maimon, Legal Counsel

“ironSource encouraged me to execute initiatives I cared about, some of which have been integrated into company processes and create value for the company to this day. My team, manager, and other colleagues have been super supportive of all of my personal milestones, including offering guidance and advice and backing me up when needed – all with zero judgment and 100% understanding.”

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Moran Alon, R&D Team Leader

“My teammates and managers at ironSource encourage me and give me the confidence to pursue a different and exciting path. I’ve started studying computer science and continue to grow at ironSource as a software developer. I enjoy working with my team and always feel like I am a part of something meaningful that excites me and in which I play a significant role.”

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Aya Karlinski, HR Organizational Development Director

“I started at ironSource as a temporary substitute for maternity leave, and from day one it was very clear – if you have a good idea or initiative that you want to promote, ironSource is with you! I executed a variety of projects that allowed me to try new things, ask questions, deepen my learning, and work with amazing people. I am constantly evolving at ironSource.”

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Tamar Serok, Senior Director of Engineering

“What amazes me the most about ironSource is how much the company is willing to invest in employee and team development. As a manager at ironSource, I truly feel that I have almost unlimited resources to grow my team and give my employees the opportunity to grow and build their career in a way that benefits both them and the company. Here, there are minimum limits and maximum room for creativity, initiative, and value.”

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Chen Levin, Principal Software Engineer

“I am a very ambitious person and opportunitis for personal and professional growth always guide me when I consider a new role. Every year I sit with my manager to set future development goals. From gaining new technical skills to managing cross-team projects, we work together to achieve them all. ironSource gives me all the resources, training and tools I need to grow professionally.”

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Roi Halawi, Offensive & Application Security

At ironSource, I am exposed to an incredibly rich professional world – I get the chance to work with a wide variety of leading professionals that I learn a lot from. My managers give me the platform I need to consistently push myself to grow towards my personal and professional development goals.”

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Linda Wu, Director of Growth Partnerships

“ironSource has a ton of content, like podcasts, blogs, and webinars, all from diverse sources that provide me with a very comprehensive and professional knowledge of the industry. I also appreciate the amazing leadership and guidance – from C-level team members to managers from different teams – that have helped shape and form a better version of myself.”

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