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Astra is making it easier than ever for game developers to develop, build, and scale web3 games

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Plug and play

Start creating, minting, and distributing web3 assets on both mobile and the web with a simple SDK – no extra development time required.

Scale with ironSource

Leverage ironSource’s 10 years of experience, best-in-class tech, and over 2.3 billion MAU for your next web3 project.

Designed for mobile

Make the transition from web2 to web3 as seamless as possible with an intuitive onboarding process built for both mobile and desktop.

Open ecosystem

Get full flexibility and the freedom to choose how and where to build your web3 on Astra’s open ecosystem.

One space
for all things web3

No-code web3 platform

Create, manage, and distribute NFTs all in one place – no smart contracts or coding required:

  • Generate game assets and collections
  • Manage assets and distribute them to users
  • Get insight into both in-game and web3 analytics, like daily active wallets, transactions, and revenue from royalties
A wallet designed for players

Make it easy for every user to get started on web3 with a wallet that requires no technical knowledge to set up:

  • Easy onboarding with SSO login
  • Non-custodial so users have full control over their assets
  • Available cross-platform as a dedicated app, online, and native in-app experience
  • Shareable assets to encourage community-building
  • Dedicated customer support
Open marketplace

Build and customize a space dedicated for players to buy, sell, and trade assets:

  • In-game integration to avoid sending users out of the app
  • Custom look and feel
  • P2P trading capabilities
  • Advanced launchpad for managing assets and launching promotions

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