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One-stop-shop for player ownership

Astra is your platform, wallet, and marketplace in one easy SDK – so you can build great games while Astra handles the complexity of web3 tech.

Player experience above all else

From a wallet that simply requires a social login to a marketplace that facilitates secondary market trades, Astra was built to make navigating the complex world of web3 easy and intuitive.

Built to scale on mobile

Compliant with app store policies, Astra enables you to scale on mobile and still reap the benefits of player ownership.

Open ecosystem

Astra supports both decentralized and centralized networks, so you never need to depend on a single infrastructure for your success.

Everything you need, inside your game

Easy-to-use asset management platform

Easily generate and manage game assets, and distribute them to players – no smart contracts or coding required. Then dive into the data to learn how your players are interacting with them.

Player-friendly wallet

Give players a wallet designed just for them – built for mobile, quick and easy to set up with a simple social login, and integrated natively into the game.

Marketplace that drives value for players

Create value beyond your game with a secondary market, where players can buy, sell, and trade for your assets. Plus, integrate the marketplace natively in your game with a customized look and feel.

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Empower players with true asset ownership

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