Ad Quality

Find, report, and keep track of content in your app for a fully transparent view of your app experience.

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Improve and optimize the ad content in your app

Get an overview of all creatives

See a gallery view of the ads served to your users and report problematic content to the source

Discover UX issues

Use built-in tags to identify creatives, advertisers, and networks with quality issues and see why they’re causing user churn

See the user ad journey

Review how your users move through in-app ads, so you can resolve related support tickets and ensure a positive experience

Review ad performance

Search and filter creatives by revenue, impressions, CTR, and qCTR, which measures whether a click was intentional

Get visual reporting

Understand your app’s ad content trends at a glance and find the right balance between revenue and churn

Stay up to date on unwanted ads

Trigger alerts when a specific creative, advertiser, or ad with a high content rating shows in your app

What top game studios are saying about Ad Quality by ironSource

“Ad Quality is a valuable tool. It helps us ensure our ads are right for our players while maintaining an enjoyable experience across our portfolio.”

Tony Yin, Ad Business Operations Analyst at Jam City

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“It’s vital for us to fully understand the ads we show to our users in order to ensure the best and safest experience. Ad Quality by ironSource makes that possible thanks to their advanced filtering, alert capabilities, and access to raw data that we can analyze within our own BI.”

Stefano Accosato, Ad Monetization Lead at TutoTOONS

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“Thanks to Ad Quality, we blocked approximately 30 apps and URLs advertising in our games with objectionable content or bad UX patterns a week, all while increasing revenue by 10% throughout the year”

Ryan Moloney, Ad Quality and Monetization Manager at Brainium

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“Ad Quality’s impact has been invaluable in our game, and has allowed us to create a more pleasant experience for our most important investment: our players”

Silver Wilford, Advertising Monetization Manager at PikPok

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“Keeping our ads clean is crucial to us as a publisher with intellectual property in our games. Ad Quality by ironSource helps us filter out inappropriate ads and deliver the ad quality that our brand partners look for.”

Jeonghyeon Lee, Marketing Team Manager at Wemade Play

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“Cutting-edge technology, great usability and excellent customer support makes Ad Quality one of the best solutions for ad monetization insights!”

Igor Petrov, Chief Revenue Officer at MyTona

“The ironSource Ad Quality platform provides us the quality control and reporting needed to help us achieve our goal of providing the best game experience for our players. For any app developer relying on ad monetization as an vital revenue stream, they are an important and necessary platform partner.”

David Choi, Director of Ad Monetization at PLAYSTUDIOS

“Ad Quality by ironSource is something that we are really excited about using.”


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Optimize user experience and preserve brand integrity with Ad Quality by ironSource

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